3 Disc Misprint & Seconds Mystery Box

The 3 Disc Misprint & Seconds Mystery Box is an amazing opportunity to get your hands on unique, one of a kind, misprint or seconds discs at a greatly discounted price! These discs have no flight altering flaws in the plastic, but either had an aesthetic flaw in the stamp or theplastic,or were used for stamp set-up. These stamps range from limited edition designs, production stamps, and custom stamps.

This box includes 3 discs, varying in plastic types, weightsandmodels. We will do our best to provide a balanced assortment of Putt & Approach Discs, Midranges, Hybrids, and Drivers.

(Actual box does not appear as shown in photo. Discs pictured are for example only.)

    Customer Reviews

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    gotta love a mystery pack! we need more of these!

    I love the mystery boxes...and so does my son!

    Was fortunate to catch the mystery boxes on sale and pick up a 3-pack. In the box was a sweet 300 KJUSA A2 my son quickly snagged for his bag, a beautiful PD-stamped AIR D2 coming in at 149g, and a Cale BG Glow P Model S. Obviously the A2 is money, they're amazing. The AIR D2 is flippy for me but works great for my son. It flies similar to the flight of his 159g BG D Model S. He hasn't put it in his bag yet since the stamp is sweet and he doesn't want to ruin it. Then there's the P Model S... I have tried to putt with these and can't, I use the P Model US in BG, but the P Model S is a great thrower. At first, the BG Glow plastic was way too slick and I wasn't sure it would glow well since it looked "splotchy". After some use, the slickness has worn off and it's a GREAT thrower that glides slightly farther than my 300 PA-3 and has a bit less finish...more of a straight overall flight. As for the glow, it's amazing when charged with a UV flashlight. The glow stays bright for 10-12 minutes, plenty of time for a glow round. You would think the glow additive would make the disc more overstable but it seems like, at least in this Cale bottom-stamped BG Glow P Model S, it straightens out the flight overall. There is no high-speed turn, and practically no low-speed fade....it's truly POINT and SHOOT! I can't wait for more mystery boxes.

    So sick!

    The 3 misprint discs i got in my mystery box were great! I got a double stamp KJUSA A2 in 300, a double stamp Glow Archer Pa-3, and a double stamp D4max with the Schu stamp in air plastic. The last one im not too fond of but will make a good trading disc. Overall, very very pleased. Thank you Prodigy for the awesome box!