ACE Line Disc Golf 3 Pack (Lightweight)

The Prodigy Disc ACE Line Disc Golf 3 Pack is all you need to begin playing disc golf! This set includes 3 discs for all the necessary shots on the course: a Fairway Driver, Midrange Disc and a Putt & Approach Disc.These discs have been designed for use by all skill levels, and the ones in this set are lightweight to further accommodate new or young players. All three discs are produced in our BaseGrip plastic, which offers impeccable grip and performance in a wide range of weather conditions.


F Model S - Fairway Driver
10 | 5 | 1 | 3

M Model OS - Midrange Disc
6 | 4 | -1 | 3

P Model S - Putt & Approach Disc
3 | 5 | 0 | 2

Disc color & foils are assorted, and will vary.

The F Model S has a stable flight and is ready to navigate any fairway with pinpoint accuracy and incredible control. This disc will be perfect for learning how to throw hyzerflip shots that fly straight as an arrow. Thrown hard with a slight hyzer angle, the disc will pop up to flat and ride straight with a mild fade. Players can also get a slight turn by throwing it flat.

The M Model OS is an overstable midrange disc that will bring consistency to your bag. It has a reliable finish you can count on in calm and windy conditions. As you learn this disc, you will be able to count on the consistent fade for accurate shots each round.

The P Model S may have more glide than any other putter on the market coupled with a straight flight and subtle fade. With a slimmer profile and small bead on the rim, it feels great in the hand and offers a consistent, clean release for drives, approaches, and putts.

Our BaseGrip plastic offers a tactile feel for a sure grip every time you reach for it. It finds a great balance between stiffness and the ability to wear-in to perfection. BaseGrip plastic provides a cost-effective option without sacrificing on quality and performance in all weather conditions.

Customer Reviews

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Great for New Arms

These discs can be ordered in light weights which are great for new players still developing arm speed. The three discs provide a great set to get started with!

Bill M.
ACE Line Starter 3 pack, M4 mini discs, Prodigy T2 wheeled portable basket

You cannot buy better quality disc golf equipment at a most affordable price than with Prodigy Discs, Inc.

Jonathan A.
Great beginner discs

Great beginners discs. I got these for Christmas and one of the courses close by has a few holes off a lake... I was hesitant to throw the F Model S but had seen it previously float in a creek so I figured I’d give it a try to tee off on one of the hole close to the water and I’m glad to find it floated extremely well and I’m so thankful for these very reliable beginners discs

Solid price for quality

I picked these up so that my friends had some discs. I've enjoyed them so much that I insist they stay in my bag (for safe keeping (; )!