Prodigy Putter Pocket


The Prodigy Putter Pocket for carts is a great accessory for any disc golfer that prefers to use a cart. It gives players easy access to their putters, while also providing storage for pencils, scorecards, and other small valuables used during a round. It is easy to attach with a Velcro strap and works well with any disc golf cart. It also has a shoulder strap and can be carried as an additional accessory for storage or for putter-only rounds.

  • Weight: 0.8 lbs
  • Holds up to approx. 3-4 putters
  • Mini pocket
  • Additional front pocket
  • Two small side pockets
  • Velcro attachment for most carts
  • Shoulder strap

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Exactly What I Needed

This Putter Pocket is exactly what I was looking for and the perfect addition to my cart . It fits 4 PA-3s with ease and up to 6 drivers comfortably. I love using the extra storage for discs that I am testing out or loading it up with putters for putting practice. I play about 4 days a week and it has no signs of wear after 4 months. Highly recommend!

Really Nice Bag

Got it for a friend as a gift and he really likes the bag. Lots of space and fits nicely on his disc cart.

Great purchase, not quite perfect

Four putters was a tight fit at first, but it relaxes a bit and fits 4 comfortably. Thought it may be a little bulky at first but after a few uses have realized that it is really a perfect size. Love the versatility to use it attached to the cart or as a standalone sling bag for those pitch/putt rounds. My only complaint is that the side pockets are pretty tiny. This isn't an issue when using it on the cart since there is plenty of other storage, but if you wanted to use this as a sling bag it's tough/impossible to fit everything in the side pockets. These side pockets should be a little bigger so that you can at least fit a phone + keys + wallet in there.