Prodigy BP-2 V3 Backpack

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Color: Red Ripstop
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The Prodigy Disc BP-2 V3 comes in with an added burst of color to go along with its already great features. The tear and water resistant Nylon Ripstop Fabric keeps the bag lightweight and durable, while the improved zippers have better pulls and are waterproof and taped for added against the elements.

The BP-2 V3 offers a surprising amount of space for a mid-sized bag options, holding approximately 28 discs while offering spacious side pockets. You’ll also find new and improved insulated bottle holders to better keep the temperature of your drink and increased padding on the back and shoulder straps for more comfort. The umbrella holder tops it off to make sure you can carry everything you need for all conditions with ease.


  • Weight: 3.0 lbs
  • New Nylon Ripstop Fabric (Water and Tear Resistant)

  • Waterproof, taped zippers; improved zipper pulls
  • Upgraded Back Padding and Strap Style
  • Holds up to Approx. 28 discs
  • Top Putter Pocket (3 - 4 putters)
  • 2x Insulated 32 oz. Bottle Holders
  • Umbrella Sleeve &Multi-Functional Accessory Clip
  • Large Side Storage Compartments
  • Reinforced Base with Two Ground Rails
  • Reinforced Side Panels
  • Lifetime Warranty

Prodigy Disc strives to offer innovative design and high quality in our disc golf bags. All bags carry a Lifetime Warranty to be free of defects in materials and workmanship and is valid only for the original owner of the bag.

This limited warranty does not cover improper use, normal wear and tear, or bags with any type of repair or alterations. Our warranty also does not cover damage due to the breakdown of materials or colors caused by weather, usage or cleaning products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Will J.
Great pack, slight adjustments would make it excellent!

So far this pack has been awesome. Holds discs well and makes playing even more enjoyable. I would say that the base plastic piece that makes the pack have a flat bottom is designed sort of poorly and juts out beneath the lower padding, sticking into my lower back slightly. It’s not unbearable and I can deal with it, but it’s definitely not comfortable. I’ve tried adjusting it and coming up with solutions to make it sit further back and not dig into my back, but it seems it’s just sort of how the design is unfortunately. Aside from that, for less than $100 this pack does a great job! I recommend, even with the wonky plastic base piece!

Leo L.

The person that bought this bag was quite happy with the design and overall product.

Tristan R.

Overall this is a decent bag. The pros of this bag are a large amount of storage space and the heavy duty support on the bottom of the bag that elevates it off the ground and helps to keep it upright. The first flaw I noticed is the top putter pocket. Its just a bit too small and the double zipper function is just a hassle. I find myself never zipping it closed so it typically just gets in the way. The major flaw, however, is the material. The "rip stop" fabric feels paper thin and does not give the impression that it will hold up for more than a couple of years maximum. If I am spending just shy of $100 on a bag, I would expect it to be made with a higher quality, more durable fabric. Disc golf bags see a lot of wear and tear in a single round and I want to feel like my bag will hold up. My fears were confirmed when after only using this bag for about 3 to 4 disc golf outings, I noticed a small tear in the fabric. While its nothing major, it confirms that this bag wont last more than a season or two. That's disappointing for the money I spent. If I could do it all again I would dish out twice the money and go with one of the "fancy" bag brands that will likely stand the test of time.

Andrew R.
Bp-2 V3

Absolutely love all the extra storage. I’m glad I chose this one. Just enough space to hold all my most used discs but not to bulky and heavy. One downside is the putter pocket up top. Had the putters up top for two days in the bad and a they had gotten warped, not horribly but noticeable.

Andrew C.
Great Bag!

As others have stated, the internal panels provided leave a lot to be desired, but otherwise this bag is fantastic! Holds plenty of discs, two water bottles, easy access pouch and zippered pockets on both sides. Easily the best bag available at this price point!

Kyle F.
Better than I expected, not quite what I wanted

This bag is very functional. It looks good and it is light weight. However, the plastic panels they include are not. Ery sturdy by any means which is unfortunate. Other than that this bag definitely gets the job done

Shane L.
Worth it

You won’t be disappointed

Jonathan U.
Great bag!

I love my V3 bag. It has everything I was looking for when I needed to upgrade my disc golf bag. It’s sturdy without being heavy. It holds a good amount of discs for any round and I like the dividers to help keep my discs organized while I’m playing. Even though the dividers don’t fit perfectly they do the job. Plenty of storage for all your nondisc essentials like 2 water bottle holders, 2 large zippered side pockets and two more pockets. I feel the Putter pocket is a little tight but it works well. If you want to upgrade your bag because you’ve outgrown your beginner/ weekender bag or you’ve worn out your old one. This is a great bag that is on par with bags that will cost you $150 or more! Save some $ so you can buy more discs instead!

abraham a.
great bag

Holds enough discs for any round.

Lucas J.
Great Bag

Great bag for the price well durable

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