Founded in 2012, Prodigy Disc manufactures innovative disc golf equipment that enables players to reach their maximum potential. Prodigy Disc golf discs help players gain more consistent distance and control from the tee to the circle and effortlessly approach the target with smoothness and pin-point accuracy. Prodigy Disc powers players of all skill levels to top lead cards and win tournaments. Founded and trusted by PDGA World, NT and Major champions, Prodigy Disc’s unmatched expertise leads the pack in cutting edge disc golf equipment development, including discs, targets, bags, apparel and more.

Unleash your potential with Prodigy Disc.



The Prodigy Disc numbering system is designed to help players figure out what disc they need for each shot quickly and easily. The letter in the model name represents the type of disc. For example, the 'M' in M4 stands for Midrange Disc. The number in the model name represents the stability of the flight path. Our models range from 1 to 7 - '1' being the most over stable and '7' being the most understable. Therefore, the "4" in M4 means that it falls in the middle of our stability rating, making it a stable to understable disc, depending on the model range in that series.



Prodigy Disc plastic is often regarded as the best feeling and flying plastic on the market, trusted by World Champions and National Champions while remaining accessible to beginners and amateurs. Each plastic type is designed for a different level of durability, grip, feel, performance and affordability.