Nikko Locastro

Player Specs

PDGA #: 11534
Division: Open
Pro Since: 2007
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Year Born: 1988
Height: 5'8"

Career Highlights

  • 1st United States Disc Golf Championships 2009
  • 1st Japan Open Championships 2009
  • National Tour Series Champion 2011


Nikko Locastro considers himself a "fun adventist" dedicated to growing the sport of disc golf. "I love nature, being outdoors, and all the amazing things that come with the disc golf lifestyle," says Nikko. Disc golf entered his life around the age of 15 when he quickly fell in love with the many aspects of the game, ranging from the competition to the strive for perfecting flight patterns. He believes disc golf is a unique game on its way to becoming the sport of the next generation. Nikko plans to continue using his love and passion for the game to continue progressing disc golf. 

Nikko hopes to leave a legacy and be remembered for his commitment to progressing the game. In addition to future hopes of winning world titles and entering the disc golf hall of fame, Nikko hopes to launch a disc golf awareness campaign that focuses on getting the next generation involved in the sport.

According to Nikko, the strongest part of his game is "staying competitive, learning the course before the tournament stars. Feeling prepared to give the course everything you have." He recommends mastering all discs in your bag and feeling especially comfortable with putting in all aspects.